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Honoring the Meadowlark

There was a time when the earth was pure and clean, and all living things spoke the same language. The people, the animals that flew, those that crawled, swam and lived on the earth could talk to one another.

There was peace and harmony because there was respect for everything and everyone.

Sadly, evil spirits – those against life – came among the living beings on the earth.  During that time, there was one nation of people who were good messengers: the meadowlark. These people liked visiting and keeping everyone informed about the good things of life.

The joyful meadowlark sang about the good taking place so all beings of the universe would know about it. Every spring day, when the sun is coming up, you can hear the pretty song of our meadowlark relatives.

This time of day, one hears all living things talking and singing to the Creator, iits-tsi-pah-tah-pii-op, meaning “the source of life.”

The meadowlark follows the road of the summer season, singing about the good things of life.

All the relatives of meadowlark who lived on earth respected and loved him for the good he brought into their lives. They prayed for him and asked the Creator to bless meadowlark in some way.

Because of this, the Creator came to learn about the good that meadowlark was doing for his relatives.

As a result of these prayers, the Creator gave a gift for all to see. The gift was the yellow shirt and black necklace the meadowlark proudly shows while he sings his summer song.

This story is to remind us that the gift of kindness is always rewarded.


Story told by Long Stand Bear Chief, a member of the Blackfoot Nation.