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Our Collection

The museum holds a robust collection of American Indian artifacts of cultural significance. The majority of the museum’s artifact collection is from the early reservation period circa 1800 to 1930 and relates primarily to Northern Plains Indian tribes. Holdings include historical and contemporary objects such as utensils, implements, clothing, and accouterments. These artifacts are made from multiple materials including beads, hides, quills, and feathers. The vast majority of this collection consists of artifacts from the Dakota, Nakota, and Lakota peoples.

The Aktá Lakota Museum’s collecting priorities focus on historical Lakota objects and fine arts specifically from the Northern Plains Indian people, which makes it unique from all other American Indian museums and cultural centers.

As a cultural center, the museum is unique as it serves as a model and source of inspiration for the students and alumni of St. Joseph’s Indian school, the families we serve, and others due to our efforts to support and educate a diverse number of audiences through our extraordinary focus on the Northern Plains Indian people.

The museum continues to actively expand its collection. If you are interested in supporting our mission, please see our Giving page.