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Molina Parker

Tribal Affiliation: Oglala Lakota

Born: 1982

Known for: Beadwork

“My mother and grandmother taught me to bead at a very early age. Beading is what brings me joy, keeps me inspired, and helps me to feel connected to the stories my grandmother would tell me as we sat together.” —Molina Parker

Molina Jo (Two Bulls) Parker, a Rapid City native who now lives in Red Shirt is a talented creative specializing in beadwork. Learning beading from her mother, Molina comes from five generations of Lakota artists who have inspired her to continue their family tradition.  Part of that inspiration also comes from listening to music. Each piece has a song or album associated with its creation.  Molina primarily works with size 13 Czech glass beads, elk hide, high-quality crystals, and metals. In a time when many beadwork artists are using acrylic gems and rhinestone banding, she feels her unique work stands apart in the quality of materials and workmanship while maintaining the integrity of her creative expression.