Wóyake: Language in Lakota Art
Curated by David A. Meyer II, ALM Assistant Curator
Open November 13, 2023
Opening Reception November 16, 2023 | 4 – 6 PM

Wóyake: Language in Lakota Art exhibit shares paintings and works that express wóyake the act of storytelling through words.

Wóyake a Lakota verb signifies the act of storytelling, relating, speaking, or expressing through words.

Artworks for this exhibit are gleaned from the Aktá Lakota Museum’s permanent Collections and emphasize the connection of visual imagery and written work in Lakota art.

Experience a merging of works by Lakota artists Arthur Amiotte, Roger Broer, Keith Braveheart, Angela Babby, Dyani White Hawk, Nathaniel Ruleaux, and more.