Chamberlain, S.D. – Writing talent has again emerged from the Woster family as Scott is set to release his first book. Brave Girl: A Story on the Wind will undoubtedly find a special place in the hearts of locals – especially Lyman County residents – as it recounts the life of LaRayne (Moore) Woster.

Set in central South Dakota, Brave Girl: A Story on the Wind, recounts the life of LaRayne Woster and the challenges she has faced as a half-Lakota, half-Irish woman. Through joy and tragedy, LaRayne’s family changes and grows. As these events unfold over the years, LaRayne embarks upon the spiritual journey that will help her find both her roots and the path to her future.

“Having Scott choose to write this story is humbling and so exciting,” said LaRayne. “For me, my family, and every person who lives their culture each day. Everyone has a story about those roots – how they found them, how they have grown, and how they hope their story might help others. To see your own story come to light is a little bit astonishing and – again – humbling.”

With a strong sense of family and the desire to be truly present in the lives we are living, Brave Girl is a story of cultural identity, hope, and unrelenting courage in the face of events great and small. Readers who enjoy history, Native American culture, ancestry, and finding your place in the world will enjoy Brave Girl, A Story on the Wind.

“This is a deeply personal story for me, of course,” said Scott. “I know my wife grew up with very little knowledge of her culture due to deliberate and prolonged attacks on her ancestors to ensure that indigenous learning would not be passed on. As an adult, LaRayne began to understand her own history, as well as the collective history of indigenous people in this nation. She began a very personal journey of self-discovery and growth that was rooted in her Lakota culture. She has used this knowledge to build her life and

to guide generations of young Lakota/Dakota/Nakota children. She is contributing directly to ensuring the culture will carry on, both in and out of the classroom. I am proud to help tell her story.”

Be among the first to get your signed copy at the Aktá Lakota Museum & Cultural Center, on the campus of St. Joseph’s Indian School, on Saturday, September 2 from 10.30 am until noon. Everyone is invited to attend.

Scott is the son of Terry and Nancy Woster. LaRayne is the daughter of Bernice and the late Jack Moore. Married in 2006, LaRayne and Scott have raised four daughters and now revel in the joy of six tȟakóža (grandchildren). Scott has been a counselor at St. Joseph’s Indian School since 1994; he employs his deep understanding of Native American education to enlighten and inspire.

LaRayne is a life-living granddaughter, daughter, mother, and Uŋčí (grandmother) of Lakota ancestry. Since 2002, she has taught Lakota language and culture at St. Joseph’s Indian School. She shares kindness, wisdom, and stories with others through presentations and public speaking engagements.

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