Traditionally, Lakota history was passed from generation to generation through the beautiful art of storytelling. Elders shared stories with young ones to preserve the culture and ensure the continuation of a people.

Creation myths are one of the most well-known traditions for Native American Indian tribes. Much of the natural world was a sacred mystery. In creating and sharing these myths, native peoples were able to explain everyday natural occurrences such as weather-related events, as well as their own beginnings.

Each tribe seems to have its own unique creation myth — stories that explained how their tribe came to be in the world. These myths speak to the importance of storytelling in Native Americans’ culture as well as to the individuality of the tribe and its beliefs. These myths also show their respect for ancient wisdom, and how nature played an important and reverential role.

Story Time is offered every Tuesday at 10:30 AM CST. The program is geared toward elementary-age children but children young and old will enjoy stories read by elders of the Lakota and Dakota communities.

Following the story, children are invited to participate in a culturally related craft project! Stop in and have fun with us! The program is free and everyone is welcome!