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Buffalo from the Akta Lakota Museum Shopping Center

With guidance and approval from the organization, the Aktá Lakota Museum reopened its doors on Monday, June 1.

We have made several changes, listed below, to create a safe museum experience driven by social distancing measures, access to safety and sanitization equipment, and routine facility cleaning.

About our museum

Our building provides us with over 14,000 square feet of public space. The building’s capacity for total people in this space is 460 however under our new COVID-19 standards we will limit our maximum capacity to 50 people to allow for safe social distancing.

Upgraded Public Safety Protections

The Museum has taken its responsibility for public safety to heart during this time and has both established new and rigorous cleaning protocols as well as installing new safety equipment and providing access to sanitary materials for the public. A summary of those changes and protocols is as follows:


We are adhering to the CDC protocols for staff and visitors. We have posted those guidelines at all entrances and distributed to staff.

Entrances & Exits

Entrances & Exits are wiped with sanitizing spray every hour with additional staff during peak visitor periods to wipe surfaces more frequently.

Retail Counters

Counters are wiped continually by attending staff. Plexiglass sneeze guards have been installed (as per health recommendations). Guest credit card keypads with sanitizer are placed adjacent to them. We are also installing floor markers to establish social distancing and safely route all visitors through the museum.


Bathrooms are deep cleaned twice a day and wiped down every hour on the hour during peak hours. Hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed in bathrooms.

Sanitizing Stations

Stations are located at 4 different points in the building with dispensers providing sanitizing gel.

Sanitary Material Access

There are 2 stations within the building containing masks, gloves, and sanitizing wipes.

Program Changes

Our museum hours have been limited to accommodate cleaning and we are suspending some of our interactive exhibits where sanitizing stations would be ineffective. Guided tours will be limited to single-family groups or a limit of 10 people per tour. We have removed chairs from the theater area to allow visitors a comfortable distance while watching the movie and signage is posted in areas throughout the museum to remind people of social distancing.