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Trace your Native American Ancestry

Today, there are 561 officially recognized Indian tribes in the United States. For many Native Americans, family history is something they want to explore. Finding out which tribe their families belonged to, its traditions and the impact on their daily lives is important to them and there are resources available to assist you in your search.
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Native American ancestry can be traced back thousands of years and many people with Native American blood must prove their Native American ancestry in order to receive the benefits if any, entitled to their specific tribe from the United States government.

There are many others who just want to uncover where they came from and find out if they do have a long Native American ancestry or just dig more deeply into their genealogy to find out all their tribes details, such as where and how they lived.

There are hundreds of thousands of Americans with Native American roots and most Native American genealogy records need to be obtained from the United States government. When and if you do find Native American descendants you then may qualify for tribal membership and any benefits that come with it.


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