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Kevin Locke Circle of Life Hoop Dance

Kevin Locke.

Join us for a performance by Kevin Locke, world visionary Hoop Dancer at St. Joseph’s Indian School on Friday, September 14.

When Kevin Locke performs the Hoop Dance, audiences around the world light up with curiosity, appreciation, hope and joy. Driven by the power of the traditional frame drum and soaring voices of powwow singers, Kevin’s Hoop Dance is a physical metaphor for the process of regeneration which we are presently undergoing as one species within a planetary field of life.

The unity of humankind is reflected in this Dance. Employing 28 hoops, Kevin depicts the natural, visionary process of Life emerging from the darkness of winter into the bright exuberance of spring. One after another, images of renewed Creation appear as flowers, butterflies, and stars; while eagle circles, calling forth the love, courage and intelligence of our hearts.

The hoops represent unity, while the four colors of the hoops: black, red, yellow and white represent the four human races, the four directions, the four seasons and more. As the Dance concludes, all 28 hoops are interlocked in a spherical union illustrating the interdependence we all share and cannot truly live without.

The Hoop Dance is a breathtaking expression and will kick off a full weekend of activities surrounding our annual powwow Gathering of the Wakanyeja.


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