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Legend of the Coyote

The legendary figure of Coyote is perhaps more well-known than that of Iktomi.


Coyote emerges from the Great Basin and Plains Native American Groups.

He is almost always portrayed as male and has a wide variety of characteristics, many of them quite contradictory.

He is both trickster and culture hero - often described as witty, clever, obscene, vulgar, and thieving.

Coyote stories have typically been censored, classified usually ethically as humorous anecdotes, jokes, animal tales, folktales and legends involving a sacred and/or worldly 'trickster - transformer - culture hero.'

Coyote is sometimes accompanied by companions. Most often are Wolf, Wildcat, Porcupine, Fox, Rabbit and Badger.

Coyote stories have often been explained as being confined to the pre-human mythical age, when animals lived and talked as people. Generally, these tales are regarded as lessons or advise.

Neither children nor adults in general should behave as Coyote behaves in the stories.


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