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Daryl NoHeart

(b. 1946)

Daryl NoHeart is a full-blood Lakota man born and raised on the Standing Rock Reservation in North and South Dakota. He is the descendant of medicine people, historians and Wounded Knee victims.

He received his schooling at the Pierre Indian Boarding School, the Flandreau Indian Vocational High School and in the US military. Of course, NoHeart also received ample education from his grandparents, parents, relation and other Ikce Wicasa (common people).

NoHeart is a self-taught artist and a long-time student of the history, culture and spirituality of people indigenous to the Dakota plains. In both his work and daily life he is attempting to educate others on the importance of visual art to preserve and grow traditional ways and values. He is also working to revive the integral role the Winter Count Society can play for people, culture and tradition.

He makes his home on the Standing Rock Reservation with his wife Sharon and family and validates his presence daily, based on his bloodline, knowledge and talent.


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