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Wanda Blacksmith Peacock

Lower Brule Sioux
(b. 1949)
Wanda Blacksmith Peacock

Wanda Blacksmith Peacock, an enrolled member of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe, uses her expert eye for color and design to create precious collectible angels. They serve as a reminder of the good heart of the Lakota people.

Several years ago, I had a dream that was so powerful and intense it has remained locked in my memory. The dream took pace on the small reservation where I was raised. The little old two-story house was just as I remembered it and inside was my mother and dad and a friend of theirs. I was probably nine years old. It was a spring-like day, and I went outside to play where landscaping was hard gumbo and tumbleweeds. As I sat in the dirt across from the kitchen window I looked up to the sky and high above I could see a circle of birds flying. I continued to watch and as they came down closer they turned into a circle of eagles. Mesmerized, I continued to watch and without warning one by one they dropped to the ground encircling me, no longer eagles but Indian Angels with strong eagle like wings. In my dream, I could look at the faces of these angels, and they were people I knew but upon waking from the dream I have never been allowed to recall who they were to this day. I have shared this experience with many people because it was such a beautiful dream and has remained so strong in my heart … some say it was a vision quest, I am humbled by that. My translation of this dream is the gift of Angel-making I’ve been sent.”

Wanda's art is available through the through the Akta Lakota Museum online gallery.


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