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Necklace from the Akta Lakota Museum Shopping Center

Lorenzo Black Lance

Sicangu Oyate Lakota
(b. 1956)
Lorenzo Black Lance

My ancestors run back to Native American tribal leaders like Spotted Tail. My gift for art runs parallel with my love for teaching.

Born on the Yankton Sioux Reservation, I was brought up in both traditional and contemporary ways. I taught Native American Studies for 20 years in grades K-12 and also on the college level.

All of my work experience has been involved with the social aspects of my people.

My experiences include:

  • art teacher;
  • Native American Studies Specialist;
  • United States Probation Officer;
  • Rosebud Sioux Tribal Court Administrator, Executive Director;
  • Vice President, Native American Heritage Association (N.A.H.A.) - a non-profit charity.

I have done documentaries for foreign countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Poland. I have given talks to interested groups all over the nation covering Native American Art, Native American History and Culture, Native American Song and Dance, Native American Social Systems and Environment and Native Americans in Today’s Society.

We Are Our Dreams artwork

We Are Our Dreams, acrylic 1991
Lorenzo Black Lance

As a Lakota and an artist, I have realized that all things are connected in a continuous cycle of unity.

The Ghost Dance, the Sun Dance and other Lakota rituals are all part of a continuous cycle that reappears in different forms at different times. The hopes and dreams of these rituals are not forgotten. They have only readjusted to today.

Through my art, I hope to help visualize these dreams and hopes. I may look like an image from the past … but, please remember that I represent the Lakota from the past and present. We are people who are culturally different and not culturally deprived. We are survivors and have been since our earliest days. I want the Lakota people to be remembered in a good way.

The more people become aware of the Lakota, the longer we shall exist as a people. And most importantly, we must remember, without our dreams we shall cease to exist as a people.

Hau, han he chi tu elo - so be it
Mi ta ku ye O ya sin - all my relatives

Black Lance's artwork is available through the Akta Lakota Museum online gallery.


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