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Buffalo from the Akta Lakota Museum Shopping Center

Outdoor Medicine Wheel Garden

Medicine Wheel Garden of Healing at our new historical center

Our Medicine Wheel Garden is one of our newest exhibits at the Aktá Lakota Museum. Located just to the west of the museum along the river the space provides students, alumni and visitors a peaceful and inspirational respite from their daily routines. This outdoor space was added to our campus in the spring of 2014. The Medicine Wheel is a sacred symbol to the Plains tribes. It represents all the knowledge of the universe. Each color and line signifies an important element in the circle of life. Visitors may sit in quiet meditation among the native plants listening to the sound of the Mni Wicóni (Waters of Life) or stroll around the perimeter and enjoy the Lakota directional prayers displayed on interpretive panels resembling sacred buffalo hides.


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